Welcome to the Beginners Guide to the Stock Market!

Throughout this course we will go over every step from setting up a broker, to basic chart reading and making your first trade without getting too technical. The technical stuff will come with time. Here we will talk about how the average person such as you and myself can make it in the stock market.

In the beginning I knew next to nothing about trading stocks and what those funny looking candle sticks meant. I am now able to consistently make money every week in the stock market by using an app on my phone. I have always been and always will be be a DIY'er which can be good and bad because I had to learn everything the hard way and it cost me a lot of money. The good news is, I get to share my success with you in hopes to lead you to financial freedom while saving you some time and money along the way.

Don't let fear get in the way of trading stocks. It can be confusing at first so re-read sections if you need to make sure you understand. Like with learning any new skill, it takes time and patients to learn the skill as well as discover your own strategy. We have given you all the building blocks you will need in this course to have a successful start in the stock market and we look forward to working with you! Enjoy the course!